Monday, June 13, 2011


Not that kind of scouting, the STARCRAFT kind of scouting!

The first(and most basic) strategy for StarCraft 2 is Scouting.
What is Scouting? Well…Scouting usually involves using a Worker(Probe, Drone, SCV) to reveal remote areas of the map to gain information about the opposing player(s).
We should be scouting for multiple reasons, such as:
  • To uncover enemy game-play decisions
  • To reveal the expansions of the opponent
  • To learn the location of enemy units
  • To facilitate the prediction of tech choices
  • To assist game-play decisions
Now they can be doing a large variety of things , but how are we supposed to know EXACTLY what they’re doing? Sometimes its having an extra worker, double gas right away or dropping early production buildings. Some common indicators of strategy are:
  • Proxy - lack of buildings in base.
  • Cheese - lack of workers and more unit-producing structures.
  • Double Gas - would indicate a fast tech build.
  • No Gas - usually indicates a fast expand.
  • Structures - the type of unit producing structures will give an indication of what build or what units the opponent will use.
  • Placement - the placement of the buildings can indicate if the opponent will turtle or play aggressively.
Some Races have their own little tricks too, for example, Zerg players usually send their initial Overlords to find their opponent’s base, making sure to position them close to a cliff or edge if there is a possibility of ground-to-air units. Drones can also be used to build an extractor in the opponents base, canceling it before it finish building, continue scouting and repeat. Canceling a building results in a 25% loss of the cost. The prolonging of denying a geyser by canceling and rebuilding even up to 4 times would only result in a loss of 25 minerals and can be very worth it.
I’ve personally never used to drone dodge technique before, despite having played plenty o’ Zerg in my day, Some people may feel that small bit of an edge is what they need, a lot of people do not. It all comes down to how you wanna play it out, there isn’t much else going on at that point in the game anyway.
That’s all I got for today folks, next topic is going to be Harassment; The kind you don’t go to Jail for.


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  8. I usually scout rush at the beginning with Zerg

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